How far did Jonah have to travel to Nineveh?

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How many cities would he have to traverse?
Were Nissa, Urbev, Arbaba, and Eridu in the West and Ashkelon, Samaria, and Eilat in the East, respectively?
Were Ur of the Red Sea or Bereshit located in both West and East?

Why was Jonah taken to Nineveh?
Why did the angel of the Lord have to be present to protect Jonah?
What were his exact location and circumstances (not a city or individual) ?
Was Jonah left at the crossroads of Qumran, where he was eventually swallowed by a wave?

What was the nature of the "water" Jonah was found with?
And finally, what about all the evidence that supports the Bible?
Did there just disappear?
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