I had a puppy 2 months ago and he passed away from parvovirus. I have had my house bleached and steam cleaned. Can I bring a new puppy into my house if he has his first shots?

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Is it a health issue, and if so what are the potential health issues with vaccinations. Sara L. Southeast Wisconsin We do not offer this service, as it would create an unnecessary hazard for our resident and potential guests.

If you are not the owner, you will need permission from your landlord before bringing a puppy or kitten into a rental property. If the dog or cat has already passed away, we do allow pets to be left unattended on our property.

We try very hard to breed healthy young dog or cat puppies and we do not keep the puppies for sale. We only keep the best puppies for sale in our local shelters. You can call the Humane Society of Central Wisconsin at (608) 742- 2215 to order a puppy for a dog, cat, or other household pet– or fill out a puppy breeder's application online and get a list of puppies that are available right now.

Or call 1- 800- 937- 3611 and we can provide the details for ordering the appropriate breed. Q: Can I bring a dog from out of state to stay with me in Wisconsin?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to bring your pet into our property unless you possess a current rabies certificate.

Please keep the animal on or under the owner's supervision. It is very important that you take precautions against any infection or disease caused by a rabid animal; if you have any questions please feel free to call the Wisconsin State Department of Health (608) 768- 4611.

You can also visit the Milwaukee County Animal Shelter and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's website for information. Contact the Wisconsin Department of Health's Public Health Division, 311- 223- 4627.

Q. My dog has been vaccinated and is no longer under control. Am I allowed to take it to live at my parent or other dog's place?
No, you must ask us to remove the dog to an on- site boarding center or a licensed veterinary clinic.

Please note, the Madison Humane Society does not have a licensed boarding facility. They are not responsible for any additional vet costs. We will not be able to keep the pet at our shelter after it has been vaccinated.

If you cannot locate a pet boarding facility, then you shall notify us of your intentions. Please see our FAQ of this issue. Thank you. Q. My son has been adopted for a period of time and now needs a home.

Can I take him elsewhere?
Most people who adopt animals are either new adopters or pets who may have been in a shelter, were previously a stray, or had their pets euthanized. The Dane County Animal Shelter is looking for someone to care for their dogs and cats during this time.

If you are looking for an off- leash home for your dog(s) , please ask us about adopting a dog from the Dane County Animal Shelter and we will contact you shortly. We do not allow non- adopters to keep their dogs in our shelter.

There are other places that will give the pet to potential adopters. You must tell us if you are interested in accepting a new dog. It is in your best interest to work with our adoption officers about the best location for your pets.

Q: My dog has been vaccinated for rabies. He is not under my direct control. Can I take him to another dog park in my area?
Will there still be dogs there?
This is not a policy we would ever recommend to people who can safely and responsibly exercise their dogs.

We have the policy to vaccinate our animals and ask people to follow the policy. This is especially important if you have children. We do believe it is a very safe situation and would only ask individuals who are considering taking their pets to do so through the Madison Humane Society or the Madison Animal Shelter.

Q: My dog was treated for rabies and was euthanized due to a complication of rabies. Can I take him back to the Humane Society?

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