How big is a full grown sloth?

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The adult sloth will fill a 24x24 inch (55x55cm) bed about 1. 5 lbs. (450g) or it will take up to 6. 5 lbs (2, 100g) of soil. Is the sloth carnivorous?
The adult sloth is a carnivore and it should consume anything small enough to swallow.

The adult sloth has little trouble staying on its feet in a sloth tree. What's the best place to keep the sloth?
The sloth can be kept in a small container in the ground until it matures. After 4 months old it can be housed in a cage with a glass lid, a plastic container like those sold for pigs, an aquarium, or other appropriate structure.

Is this species endangered?
The sloth is not listed for protection under U. S. Endangered Species Act. This would make it illegal to eat the sloth in a country that would be affected by the animal's conservation status, or to remove any parts of it that the animal may have been exposed to during its lifetime.

What should I do if I see a sloth?
You should get a good close look at the animal and make a note on a sheet of paper, if you are allowed to. If you can easily reach down the animal's tail, try and lift it up first.

If the animal is very large, use a small stick rather than a tree branch in this case. If you can't get close, use caution and watch it. Do not disturb it or disturb it's surroundings, just sit back and smile.

Don't try to pick up the animal. Don't touch it or pick it up either. Just look for clues to make sure no harm will come to the animal or its environment. If it doesn't seem aggressive (just staring at you instead of moving towards you) , it's not necessarily dangerous.

Is a person able to catch a sloth?
It's hard to catch a sloth, even with a live web. The animal eats insects and small prey (birds) , but also eats the plant material and leaves that it comes across.

If it's going to move, you can also capture it.

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