What is a name for a barn loft?

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There is just one, we call it the Barn Loft, it is part of the property, a nice little home in which we can live and do most of our business out there. "There is no specific name or location you can name it, it is just a name used by the property to refer to the building.

Most of the time we have a specific name for the building but I don't always have to say it. "When you are building on a property, you are talking about getting the building started. It is very important to have a location or name for what you are doing on the property.

" What do you think about the possibility of the club expanding to a larger venue?
"The idea we may be getting involved in a larger venue or two clubs that could be a benefit to the club is something we are very much on the hunt for, but not at present.

" Could you tell us something about the club on campus during their summer season?
"They have a great tradition of student clubs, student involvement as a whole. The summer semester is often a great time for all of the young people to come together and have an enjoyable experience on and off campus.

" Do you think clubs and communities are the way to build social cohesion in the city?
"I think a lot of people have the perception that social clubs on campus are just clubs of old people. You do not need a club to go to social events but when people start going to social events where they have to find an invite or something of that nature it becomes a very nice opportunity to meet people.

" "I would much rather see the opportunity to meet students on campus if it is in a community with other students. I feel if there is this great opportunity on campus for people to socialize it will get more people involved.

" "The reason I have to take into consideration is, if you are not going to have clubs at the university then you will either have to do this through the university or you will do this off campus. " Could any of your plans and goals be realised as a result that you have now acquired the property?
"The plan is to get the student body to attend or at least to show their interest in a club to become more involved with.

" "You may not see student participation with a club as a main objective, so if you are going to be involved with this club to start with it may not be the way to go for you. I have been quite optimistic about the chances of the club expanding.

"The only worry that comes up is: if this club does well we will need a bigger venue but the club is at its foundation already. But if they do come we will always find an excuse to go, so I am not worried.


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