Do animals have foreskins?

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Animals with a dorsal or scrotal scrotum may be covered by scrotal hair, which comes in several varieties, such as long, coarse, feathery, and even thick, coarse hair. Other small mammals such as goats and cattle, which have long scrotal hoods such as in other mammals, are able to keep their tails neatly tucked under their bodies.

Some large predators, such as wolves and deer are able to retain their scrotums completely. Can animals eat dead animals?
Animals that have the capacity for eating dead body parts will often be able to eat most types of plant remains and other body parts.

However, there exist cases where animal bodies, including those which have simply died, may be completely unfit for consumption. Although humans do not suffer from the most common forms of necrotising fasciitis, some people do suffer from a form of it that will cause the animal to become emaciated and weak.

In such a case, the animal may be able to be handled, however it must be kept cool. Should I be worried about eating dead animals?
In rare instances, a sudden attack of necrotic fasciitis may occur, even in healthy individuals, leading to fatal brain damage.

If you think you may have been exposed to necrotic fasciitis, please seek advice from your GP or other health care professional.

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