How are a alligator's eyes adapted for seeing in water?

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We're not sure, but we do have some suggestions. When swimming in a lake or pond a lot of time we assume that one eye is always focused on the surface and the other is being used to "see" deeper into the water.

If the water is clear, both eyes will focus on the water and there is no need for one eye to be focused on the surface. If a lake is muddy and you are not looking at the surface, either eye could be used for depth perception.

When you are in the water as long as you are staying upright the natural "up and down" motion in your body is necessary to stay in the water and move and move in the water, so the natural focus of sight would be in your upper neck and/or neck muscles or the area just past the upper jaw, which is what we would call the "head".

When you are upright swimming, the natural upward motion in your neck and neck muscles would be used to stay in balance and move. When we swim in the water, our upper neck and neck muscles move and our vision is focused at the same time on our upper jaw and upper tongue.

When we swim, a fish's body movements to turn over and move are part of the swimming motion. Our upper neck and neck muscles are also used to balance out our head, to help the fish maintain its balance and in some instances it is used to provide vision in the water to a predator who is stalking prey.

The ability of an alligator to see underwater is also important. Because their eyes are fixed they need to see everything. This is why they are so fond of swimming underwater. They want to see everything.

They can't see anything else. They just see what is in their field of vision. It is only a matter of time before the fish gets bored and swims away. What can a man see that is up to three feet from him?
You can't see him from anywhere up to three to four feet from you while he is doing something that he needs to be doing.

The man is only four to eight feet away from you, but when he is looking from you at something that is not that important he will be seeing you with your eyes. He is still in his field of vision. Do we think that a man can look up to another man's face?
Not really because it is just not there and he is looking in his field of vision which is up to three feet from him.

If a man is looking at something below him where a man that is standing behind him should be sitting, then that is in his field of vision and it is not your vision. Also, if he is seeing in his field of vision or even more than that, then we can understand why he is doing that.

In fact, seeing a woman in one's field of vision is very common, but men are often fooled into thinking that it is his vision. It is always in your imagination that it is your field of vision and he is just being mistaken.

Why don't alligators get angry at us?
In the wild these animals like to look for food and defend it. Most animals will try to defend themselves from attackers, but an alligator will wait until the attacking creature is completely out of sight, usually by about seven meters.

In their aggressive behavior toward other animals they tend to be very territorial and will be ready to attack other alligators. Most people assume that the alligator will actually attack us when they see an alligator attacking any other animals as far as a threat.

This is actually not the case. The attacking alligator will always be a larger animal but will often still be smaller than you. Once the attacking alligator is in the air the other alligators will usually turn away or run away from it.

When a snake is running toward you, the snake is running toward you, but it may still be able to see you if you are standing in an open area.

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