Why are huskies used for sled racing?

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Because they have no fear of heights, they are less likely to overheat during their race; it's more dangerous to lose heat with them. How do huskies perform in dog sled racing?
The husky is the fastest sled dog in every category tested.

It is the fastest horse or horse trainer breed with a maximum speed of 31. 2 km/h (19 mph) . The husky also has the maximum power rating at 9. 4 horsepower. The husky is also the best at carrying more and heavier sleds.

At the top of the performance ranking the husky is the fastest horse, with speeds recorded all around the country. The power rating is a bit less than the power of the horse. The husky can carry the largest sleds with its massive head.

What is the husky training program like?
The husky is trained more as a trainer than as a sled dog. The training schedule includes a minimum of 40 sled training runs. It is taught to be alert to the world around it– it is told to always be on guard to avoid injury.

Every dog has to perform 20 runs and have to be judged every five runs when his rating is established. How do huskies qualify to be used as a sleddog?
Husky owners are allowed to choose any of the huskies to be used in the dog sled races.

There is no age limit for being accepted to use husky in the dog sled races. The husky used in a race can be as small as 8 months of age. A husky in a race cannot be older than five years, if a husky is younger than 5 it is disqualified.

The minimum age in the dog sled races is 10 years. Who uses husky in dog sled races?
There are some notable breeders who race with huskies. These are mostly in the Northern US, Canada and Central America and they are considered the best there is.

They are mostly used for small sports such as bull- riding, horse racing and even for sled- dog races. There is also an American Kennel Club, National Kennel Club. Can I keep huskies as pets?
Yes, if owned humanely and they have been properly trained.

Even if an owner wants to keep an animal as a pet, however, a humane society will need to take action and apply for a license. It is best to go to the humane society that has a licence for you to have an ethical treatment for your animal.

Where can I get information about huskies?
Huskies are considered to be the most valuable companion pet in the world. The World Husky Club publishes a journal that is considered the standard for publication on the information about huskies and their breed standards.

The Husky Club of America publishes a journal called HuskyWorld, which publishes information about Huskies and their breed standards. There are numerous other information sources on the web such as the American Kennel Club, Kennel Club, Labrador Retriever Club, Dog Show Association and the American Husky Association, but their information is rarely updated because of their publication schedule.

However, you may be able to find information by going to the breed's web sites or websites. What do I need to have in order to keep a husky in my home?
These are all the basic requirements that have to be true for a Husky in your home, and all of these items have to be purchased before the dog can be properly trained, and kept in a good home environment.

Cage or enclosure for the animal in its house. A cage is required if you intend to keep a dog as a pet on a regular basis, as a dog can become dependent on the structure itself. An enclosure should have a tight fitting top and be big enough for the dog to stand up comfortably without losing its balance.

You can find a dog carrier with top on at Animal Source or you can contact the Humane Society for more information on which one should suit your needs.

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