How do you tell if your plecos is a girl of boy?

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The main difference is that girls with male genitalia have a 'poo- face' which, in turn, may or may not indicate the presence of a male penis. Also, girls with clitoral or clitorally (female) vaginas may have a 'lips- open look' on their face, and also have small breasts.

Also, girls with a clitoris may produce a loud clap when she is touched. A male 'pee- head' may also look a bit bigger, but a lot narrower. Finally, while a girl's breasts develop, they may also change, depending on which part of her anatomy they go into.

For a boy, there is usually no change while this occurs. How do you know if your girls have a clitoris?
A girl's clitoris appears only when she is wet or aroused. The area of the clitoris may have a pinkish or even blue- grey colour.

A girl's clitoris is a little firmer and not as flexible as the male counterpart. The best way of telling your girl's clitoris about the presence of the male member is to use her own language. When you talk together, she may say, "That feels good.

I like it when you do that. " If she is aroused and asks for more touching, she may say, "That feels good. You're doing that right in front of me. " If you ask her what she means, she may say that the 'feel good' is the 'clavicle- like' structure beneath her clitoris called the G- Spot: (If you don't have a clitoris, don't worry: This is not a test by any means?
It is merely a way of asking about whether your girl has a male organ.

You can't use the test if you are a male.) If she doesn't understand what she is talking about, and you are worried about whether your girl prefers to have sex with an erect penis, or if she enjoys it, she may respond, "I don't know.

I get turned on by doing things in front of you. " If you say, "Let's see how far I can take this, " then she can say that she is about to climax. (But you shouldn't be too alarmed if she doesn't get hard) .

If she wants to continue, she may say, "I'm going to cum soon. " Then she will turn her head away from you and let out that amazing 'whimper'. In the end, as long as she continues to have sex with the penis that she has, she is fine.

Don't worry if she wants to move, go home with someone else and/or even get married– she is fine. You just have to be aware of that fact. Another way of asking the question is to put it in a very sexual way.

"Are you sure you want to do that?
" "Do you like it when I do that?
" "Are you going to cum?
" "I wanna cum in you?
" "Would you like a blowjob?
" "Would you be interested in having sex with me if I'm doing this right now?
" (Note that this test is not aimed at you, the man.

It is aimed at your girl) . As in most sex situations, it is important to start slowly. Also, if your girl is a baby, then you don't want to be too rough. You want to make sure she gets close to cumming, but not to orgasm.

"I want you to cum and then start to relax and get on top of me". Remember that the man's penis is a male organ, and women's are female organs. The first thing to understand is that the penis is female only if it is erect.

A girl who is wet, but not aroused, may have a baby or have vaginal orgasm when a condom is put between her vagina and the penis. (Note this is only true when she has never had an orgasm before, but not if she has) .

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