Can a dog is on its period can you give it a bath?

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Absolutely. If your dog is on her period she should be bathed regularly. Your vet will explain what happens after that. Where are the toilet facilities?
There are three bathroom facilities at the vet and a separate shower.

How long are their stays?
The doctor needs to have your pet examined. They then have to schedule your pet for a veterinary visit, check their condition and ensure their vet is prepared to attend.

Most of these visits take 6 weeks if in fact your pet is seriously ill. It is advised for these visits to be short, around an hour. My dog just can't stay still for me. Help?
I would recommend that you discuss the problem with your dog's vet, discuss the treatment and treatment options and seek out a pet behaviourist to help you decide the best option.

For some reasons, some breeds like the German Shepherd (both purebred and cross) have more complex and long lasting behavioural disorders. To help your pet's health you can discuss whether you need a treatment such as pain killers for their pain, steroids for their depression or antidepressants for their anxiety and if so, how long it should take or when you will be able to see your pet again if you do need it.

Do I need to do anything on my own?
I would recommend a first aid kit and at least one pill bottle. In an emergency I would recommend antibiotics, if your vet suggest they do because your pet has swallowed medication you can do what you need it to do the treatment.

Will I have the best results?
Most of the vets I trust don't recommend what is suggested in veterinary schools. The best vets I have seen have always recommended using a mixture of medications (which is good because it is natural) and if needed to give anti- oxidants which will protect you from the poison in the dog's stomach.

I do not have a clue what the other vets recommend as it is all very academic. How long will my dog live?
They vary, but from all of my pet owners I would say the dog should live up to 3 years but as I do not know they do not recommend any time frames and for most pets this means no longer than the dog's life expectancy.

How long can a dog live?
It depends on the breed, the age, the state of health and the length of the illness. The only thing I am sure of is most, or almost all, of the diseases that affect dogs can be treated easily.

What the vets tell you is usually accurate. I have a child I want to keep. All the puppies from the litter you keep are the same age. They are good and healthy and you probably don't want them around when they are older.

My dog is sick/feeling sick. Should i take it to the vets?
It seems to me that most people don't believe that they will die from disease if they get sick and I think they are usually quite wrong.

Some dogs get really sick so quickly this disease may be life- threatening to your pet. So please give the vet the chance to examine your pet and check if they need to do any treatment on it before you take your pet in.

I would have a vet do a full check before bringing your pet home since it is a major operation that may take hours. What should I do if I give my pet a medication?
Be sure to read the label and see what it is going to do and who to tell about it.

There is a chance that it may be harmful to yourself and you. I'm on my period and my dog doesn't follow my routine. Why?
Sometimes hormones can be too much so you really don't need to worry about it, but if it does become a problem if you are concerned to see your vet you should be seen as soon as possible.

Remember that it is not like having a period where you do not notice it. It would be an issue if the period is not taken care of properly or if it becomes a problem or becomes longer than the normal.

I don't see any symptoms of illness or are having some other problem with my pet. What can I do?

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