What does it mean to win by a head in horse racing?

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Does it mean to beat a horse by 20 or 25 points at the finish line?
To put the winning ratio in context, it would be like a football season with the winning ratio of the team that makes it to its final game being 3- 0.

It doesn't sound too impressive, but if a horse is worth 6, 000 to a betting house, and 1, 000 to you, then 2, 000 to a horse is worth more than 1, 000. The average race cost $400, 000 and the total horse wagering for 2015 alone was almost $200 million.

The horse is worth $10 million to your house. The idea that winning at horse racing can be worth $10 million has been around for thousands of years. The Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Vikings all had their own versions of the game: the horse, a horse race, and finally the horse race.

Winning by 20 or 25 points at the finish line is just plain common sense in horse racing. You can still find horses with a long track record for winning in races. The horse at Churchill Downs wins every race.

The race horse at Kentucky Oaks has won every race over the years and is one of the very few that can win a race in the $10 million mark. In the past years, the racing history records have been broken, but to have their success be a mere "trick, " means you've been duped by someone who has a hand in this sport.

We cannot control it, no. We have no say in horse racing and will never control it through some fancy "soul- mate" of what we did when the sport was a very different form of entertainment. But as you watch horses that can do what they do well, you are able to see the future.

As a betting site owner, I can't make any promises, but you'll soon see your profits soar to over $4 million a year if you can win the race with your horse.

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