Do bluebottles die when on the sand?

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They are mostly just sitting on the sand a little bit, waiting for the water to come back. If there are other things on it, then you can probably tell pretty quickly that it's not very happy. The one I see most often around Charleston is that bluebottle is usually the blue and white fish that lives in the ocean.

They are quite nice looking, but they aren't great for eating so they are really only available to be caught by humans. Why are these bluebottles so hard to kill?
Like I said before, these are actually quite easy to kill.

I used a fairly strong steel spoon, and the only real trouble I had was trying to chop them up into bite- sized pieces. Also, you would probably want to hold a lot of the stuff in your mouth and pull it hard in order to get the most efficient use of food.

Otherwise, you will have quite a big chunk of flesh sitting in your mouth and that doesn't sound like your idea of fun.

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